Dana Joyce Moore

62. "Some people think that the devil is the ultimate evil and gays are the ultimate evil but no one thinks the devil is gay. And why? I mean he’s horny and flaming." -Myq Kaplan 61. "Talking to 21-year-olds is like talking to babies. Except babies don't have dumb ideas yet." 60. "Sometimes I am too fancy. When i need to get by, I say pardon me. Most people say excuse me. You should NOT say pardon me. When I say pardon me on the train, people give me dirty looks. 'Pardon me? Screw you, little Lord Fonteroy.'...They look at me like I've said, 'Would everybody born out of wedlock please stand to one side?!' 'Would all plebeians please form a corridor so the world's fanciest man can exist the train?!" 'Do you know who my father is?' I have like a little scepter. I'm like - 'Out of the way, mugbloods. Top chef is on in a half hour! I must be home' " -Jared Logan 59. Vince (to Trey): Dude, you have copied everything I've said all night. Tiffany: that's because he wants to be you, and live with you, and sleep with you all the time. 58. "I miss naked Arnold." My mom talking about Schwarzeneggar during T:Salvation. 35. "One day you're gonna drive a truck full of love to a town of needy children and kick Satan in the rear end... for Jesus!" John Piper 34. John Baker's body is filter: coffee goes in, sarcasm comes out. Oh and pee, lots of pee. - John Baker's FB status 33. "I keep everything in my pants." - Kirstie 32. "Testosterone, guys. testosterone. We don't need anymore vaginas in our church." Kirstie 31. Ray: "If you find a place to wash my car, let me know." Dana: "Do you see a book in my hand?" Ray: yes, but I also know you have two eyes and ADD, and I'm counting on that ADD to find me a place to wash my car. 30. Dana: "Whoa! arm!" I turned around and Tyler was stretching and his arm was really close to me. Kellee looks over. Kellee: "Reach much?" Tyler: "What?" Dana: "I just turned around and there was all this Tyler there." 29. Dana: "She's being a brat to me." about Rebekah Kellee: "How? What'd she do to you?" Dana: "Look at her! She's in brown." Kellee: "Bratty brown." Rebekah: "I'm trying to be like Dana. Not quite black, not quite white." Kellee: "That's called grey." 28." Alicia likes things in public." - Rebekah J about Alicia Rodriguez 27. "I love feces." Bobby Hughes 26. Dana: Who did Jesus go to before he was crucified? He went to two people. Pontious Pilate and who? Zach: Herod. Kellee: Oh yeah, no wait that was Moses. Dana: No that was Pharaoh. 25. "Stupid NIV. You’re not what I want." Dana 24. “When I didn’t have a phone I was fine. I’d see all these people texting and I was like I don’t need a phone. ‘Cause it'd weigh me down. And then I got one and now I can’t imagine life without it. It’s like the cross.” Tyler Shores on cell phones 23. "You have a better chance of getting married, having kids, moving to Africa, moving back, moving to Russia, and dying at the age of 93 than going to BK with us." Kenny Oliver to Kate White 22. "I have the gift of prophesy, so I can criticise." Mrs. Lingo quoting a former church member. 21. "You get to free willy choose." Brad Mills 20. Kate: "Why is the alarm going off?" Dana: "Because it's a gay door." K:"Really? The door's gay?" D:"Yes the door is really gay. It's the most homosexual door on this campus." K:"Wait, I don't understand. Is this the gay door's mating call?" D:"Yes." K:"Because it's not near any other doors?" D:"Right."

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