Rano Raz

villian/antagonist, such as in movie or drama series or whatnot. a self-centered unappreciative b*st*rd, who thinks for himself, for his own needs. a liar, a cheater, a hypocrite, a 2 headed snake, a backstabber, a swindler, a good face gamer, a con-man & so on. . .eu name it, that's me. Inflicting pain is my profession. The world need pple like me to bring balance to life. W/out me, pain/hurt, anger/hatred, won't exist in one's feeling. Its my nature to offend others. Being good/nice is so overrated. I'm just being different. Up to eu to decide. Its ur choice to be my friend(victim). >I'm serious.< >Look at my face, I'm not smiling<

Singapore, SingaporeGet Frontback to see my photos
ranotoriousover 4 years at Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro in Singapore
ranotoriousalmost 5 years at Gardens By The Bay
ranotoriousalmost 5 years at Gardens By The Bay
ranotoriousalmost 5 years at Cheers @ SPC Petrol Station in Singapore
ranotoriousalmost 5 years at Blk 230 Pasir Ris Dr 4 Bus Stop
ranotoriousalmost 5 years at Downtown East D'marquee