Vicci Sandy

Simply but can make ur whole life full of HAPPINESS... I'm not gonna lie its a complicated to be a part of my life if u can catch my personal behavior that is a part of bein me yet I can only had a 10% out of 20% to breath just to knew my transparently's fOr u to find who rEaLLy i am....i'LL aDmiT I'm shy....I'm also not into just being open my pErsOnAL life to anyone uNLess we already had a bit of this honest conversation....i definitely like privacy and sometimes i just enjoy being alone(at times which you'll really can't handle me at my worst mood)...i admire those who are laid-back doWn-to-eArth,sincere,and not afraid to speak their minds..i think they are really fun to talk to....Hmmmmm,..I'm basically a simple girl who enjoy simple STUFF this fucking crazy life has to offer..i love hanging out with friends and spending a lot of time with my family...i want true,great people coz I'm here for REAL...GOdBLESs!

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