Ashley Brianna Jendras

(̅_̅_̅(̅_̅_̅_̅__̅̅_̅()ڪے party hard and never loose sight of the game ahead. JUST A REMINDER.... *im trouble n dont ever forget it* I'm just that girl next door who is down for anything. I'm young loud and obnoxious; I have my views n yu have Yurs let's keep it that way. im one of the most honest people you will meet... jealously is a bitch but i suffer from it. Yah sure I'm watt yu would call immature but guess what atleast I'm having fun. I am who I am so take it or leave it. I have the best of friends and the worst of enemies but it just means I stood behind what I stood up for. i love my sister KATIE she has been there for me through a lot! i love her to death and i couldn't imagin a day with out her<3 ; life is confusing, and its pissing me off... i'm having the time of my life.... Ive been fucked over many times.. but plz dnt be the next one . i wanna play ring around the rosey till we all fall down; i melt over blue eyes, im addicted to dunkin and Marlboros; i love myself and tht makes me conceded who cares.. dont piss me off; my friends mean the world to me dnt fuck with them; To my sister Amberlynn yah we hve our differences but yur my sis and we'll always be tight. & yah yur right yu really are the nigger of the family, n it is because yur black.haha Annaika yu have a lot to learn before yu can get on my level but im here for yu both love yahh.t.Mac yur my sisster for life, TONIGHT WERE ROLLIN HARD haha girl i miss yu so much & in the past two weeks we have caught up for the last 2 years we didnt talk.. we have tore this town apart from the drunken night to the stupid fight ily to death everyone hate on our friendship cuz were so close and no matter what ill always have yur back. The book & pants :0 to shawn i wil always be yur girlfriend #2 no matter what! :) In the past month the 3 of us have came full circle and have had so much fun from sleeping at yur house to off roading in the blazer getting stuck for 2 hoursthe list goes on and onand thery're so amazing and ill never forget them :) yu guys are the greatest and ill never forget or replace yu <3 p.s. creepy stalker dudes fuck off! Reading this years later is so crazy and so much has changed I'm not a mother of twins boys keeghin &kaylib and about to be a third either Lilliana or koltin. I wouldn't trade the world for and there father dalton. Boobah you mean the world to me and you have blessed me with 3 amazing miracles; they are so lucky to have a loving father to stand behind them there entire lives and I am lucky that I have found such an amazing guy.... We may fight argue have our differences and all that good stuff but we always find our way back to each other to work through it all I LOVE YOU. And you are my world 3.17.11❤

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