Louie Sanchez Rodriguez

Live everyday like its your last! No time for Grumpy Mean people. Youth 🏈coach, ❀ all 🎢🎸-❀ to 🍝🍴-❀ to take πŸ“·-❀ the Oakland A's ⚾- ❀ the NFL πŸˆπŸ˜„

Brentwood CAGet Frontback to see my photos
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louieRabout 4 years in Oakley
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louieRabout 4 years in Oakley
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louieRabout 4 years in Oakley
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louieRabout 4 years at Streets Of Brentwood in Brentwood
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louieRabout 4 years in Oakley
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louieRabout 4 years at Oakley, California in Oakley
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louieRabout 4 years
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louieRabout 4 years
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louieRover 4 years at Maggiano’s Little Italy in San Jose
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louieRover 4 years in Oakley