Olvida Santander

Sometimes the best guy isn't always the hottest guy or the richest... sometimes he's the ugliest or the poorest. Don't go through life wearing shutters, learn to take them off.٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ KNOW ME .. KNOW ME .. KNOW ME .. I am KRISTINE MARIE OLVIDA SANTANDER but people loves calling me BUTINE,KTEEN, & TETENA...I'm a type of person that is APPROACHABLE- but only to those people who knows me, coz I'm always misinterpreted by the people upon my looks and sometimes how I act... My style is much based on my mood.I act differently ar0und different pe0ple.Mind you,I'M NOT A FAKE.I just have my 0wn c0mfort z0ne.That's why I 0nly can be myself when I'm with people I'm comf0rtable with. I think its interesting to know me if I step outside the box.hmmm ..I might seem SNOB but I'm not ; I will come out from my shell if you will know the REAL ME^^,I DRINK a lot.I cut. I starve myself.I love someone who doesn't love me.I'm EXTREMELY PARANOID.I eat any kind of foods.I get HIGH sometimes.I'm LOUD and IRRITATING.I'm totally CRAZY over things I wanted to have.I want to tell anyone but I'm scared that they will all think that I'm attention seeking.I hate being judged, I know I'm not PURRRRFECT so you are !So stop judging me like you know me! I just want you people to look at me with RESPECT, so i will look at you in the same way. BOYS : The boys I've had feelings for in the past have been these really c0mplex pe0ple. I like someone wh0 CHALLENGES me, s0me0ne with DEPTH and NOT with WORDS. I really don't date much, I just l0ve hanging out with s0me b0ys in my group of friends; just t0 catch up and talk. But I d0n't think I'd be able t0 be like ' HEY ! I like you!.' I'd wait until we had a party, then s0meh0w awkwardly kiss and talk about it t0 decide if there was anything there .ahahaha ! :D FRIENDS : My TRUE friends knows me well. I am talkative,funny,frank, and sometimes CRAZY .I am not PLASTIK. If I don't like you then I will not gonna like you.That's me and don't ever try to bang me!! I get along more with my BOY FRIENDS coz I am more sure and secure that they won't talk behind my back. I only got 3 TRUSTED FRIENDS at school which I always get along with.And being with my 3 TRUSTED FRIENDS is big part of me. So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be. I L ♥ V E : - BLACK - SOKOLET - TANDUAY - DANCING - CHATTING - MEGAN FOX - TEDDY BEAR - Taking PHOTOS - Drinking GREEN TEA - IRON MAIDEN shirts - Eating SEA FOODS - PASTA,PIZZA and YOU ! <3 And above all I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MYSELF. ^^, (◕ ‿‿ ◕)

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