Korie D. Rose

About Mr. Korie... I'm a 25 year old aspiring journalist well news producer to be exact currently in Raleigh. As I get closer to 30 I'm trying to figure out me, my life goals and my future in general. After a long two year period I'm finally getting my career in broadcasting going again and hope to use my talents and latest position to relocate either back to D.C. or to Charlotte. Beyond getting my career back my biggest job is staying well after a dramatic 5 month hospital stay including 2-near death experiences 4 years ago I learned the hard way that I have to take care of me first! In my career I started when I was in high school working for various organizations during the summer including Childrens Express where I covered the 2000 Florida Recount and 2001 Bush Inauguration. After completing broadcasting school in 2005 I worked briefly for WUSA the CBS station in DC followed by WJLA ABC7/News Channel 8 where I was a Production Assistant for a year and half. Where I worked on anywhere for 20 to 30 hours of newscasts a week between the 2 stations. In 2008 I became graphic operator for WTVD the ABC O&O in the Raleigh/Durham market. Today I'm producing traffic reports for Curtis Media Group in Raleigh where I'm learning marketable talents that will help me reach the next level. Overall I'm a pretty cool person just don't get on my bad side, I like most things that involve spending money as well as reading, drawing, traveling and exploring different areas. I also love coffee and anything Starbucks I have a gold card so that should tell you a lot! Right now I'm working on me and for the most part the people around me are the ones who will tell me whatever I need to hear instead of what I want to hear and that makes a huge difference.

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krtvstarover 5 years
krtvstarover 5 years
krtvstarover 5 years at Downtown Raleigh in Raleigh
krtvstarover 5 years at Downtown Raleigh in Raleigh
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