Jocey Joce

I don't look my age. I take that in stride. Am I looking for someone? Hmm ... let me just say that I'm searching for happiness. I hope that it arrives soon. I'm a nerd. I enjoy games like Dance Dance Revolution, Final Fantasy VII, Pole Position, Skee-Ball, & Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. I love & appreciate my job. I'm currently working at the Disneyland Resort in Outdoor Vending (DL) / Outdoor Ventures (DCA). Usually I'm stocking, though I do the occasional vendor/steward/food prep. I swear ... walking around there is probably my only exercise (and the reason I'm not morbidly obese). xP Aside from that I also work various Asian media/anime conventions throughout the year (& I attend a few as well). I majored in Hospitality Foodservice & Hotel Management. I also have an Associate's in Professional Baking & Pastries. I absolutely <3 food, to the point where I watch it on tv (Food Network), take pictures of it (with my Nikon D3100), or chase it (various food trucks around Southern California). My nicknames include Jocey, Jocey Joce, Joce, j0cey, JC, Jawz, Jawzz, Josie, Joe-C, Coke Brigade, Lilo, Special J, Tsinay Butterfly, Lil J, Shorty, Lil One, Baby Uy, Iron Chef, Dancing Pastry Chef, Ateh Jocey, Ninang Jocey, Tita Jocey, etc. etc. etc. Wanna get to know me a little bit more? Step up & say "hi." ^_^

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j0ceyover 1 year in Anaheim
j0ceyabout 5 years at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles