Danella Biebs Nicole Biebs

I love justin drew sexy bieber oops I mean justin drew bieber and I'm going to be mrs bieber I'm going to be his wife and we are gonna have babies. I just love him so fucking much he's mine all mine I will love him forever :) he's my world he saved my life and he changed my life he honestly makes me so happy I would die for him he's my life I will love forever he is the love of my love. I never want to leave him he's the one for me he makes me feel wonderful he puts a smile on my face every single time I talk to him it's what he does I just love him so so so much. I know when me and him get together I will be the greatest girlfriend that he ever had and I will make him happy oh wait I already am his GF but I don't think I'm a great girlfriend to him but he thinks I am but I really love him so much even if we fight I will still love u no matter what u are my life my world my handsome Prince and u will always be in my heart. I love u so so so much like 10000000000000000% that's how much I love u. I would die for u. I'm so glad to be with someone that makes me happy :) I want to stay with u forever babe u are my life and I love u so fucking much you are mine baby and u know it and you are so fucking sexy I love u so much. You make my life wonderful u changed my life and I love the way how u changed me I just love u so so so so much you are my hero and you are mine and you will always be my hero and mine. I will always be by your side babe and I will love u forever xxx <3 <3 <3

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