Benoît Galand

Web & communication addict ! Managing Partner @Wildvertising. #Advertising #SocialMedia #Illustration #Music #Design #Surfing #Food. I should travel more!

Nendaz, SwitzerlandGet Frontback to see my photos
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bengalandabout 2 years in Ghiffa
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bengalandover 2 years in Nendaz
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bengalandover 2 years in Nendaz
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bengalandabout 3 years in Evolène
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bengalandabout 3 years in Nendaz
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bengalandalmost 4 years at Plaisirs d'Hiver / Winterpret / Winter Wonders in Bruxelles
bengalandover 4 years at 20 km de Bruxelles / 20 km door Brussel in Etterbeek
bengalandover 4 years at Loft And The City in Jette