Ashley Shields Edwards

I'm Ashley. I love my 3 amazing children...they bless me in new and exciting ways every day! I love my husband...I'm married to my best friend. We aren't perfect but we rock this marriage gig! ;) I absolutely love my job as a CNA. I love where I work and the people I work with. My residents are amazing! I speak better in writing. I'm a musician on hiatus...working at home but not currently performing. I'm from oklahoma and I've almost got my husband convinced to move a little closer to there! ;) I love my friends! I never get to see them anymore because I have NO TIME! Lol! But they still love me and understand! I have some realllly amazing friends! I love rainy days, cowboy boots & dresses, ugg boots & shorts, camo, & glitter. I'm a redhead and extremely proud of it. I'm a cheer (and soon-to-be football) mom! My radio presets make me appear schizophrenic. I like big words and I read, on average, one book a week. I'm a total Jesus freak, but I have the mouth of a sailor! I'm bad about speaking before I think and I can be brutally honest. I love to dance...especially swing dance with the hubby (because we rock at it too!) I never paint my nails. I love Duck Dynasty!! Horseback riding is my rare escape to a happy place. I'm a Facebook addict. And song pop. I prefer Apple products (iPhone, iPad) I prefer being outside to being inside. Riding 4-wheelers is probably my favorite outdoor activity. I'm very intelligent, but also very gullible. I try to see the best in everyone at all times. I don't hold grudges and always find forgiveness...eventually. I hate being cold. I seriously hate it. I hate hypocrites, criminals, bad parents, selfish people, terrorists, and anyone trying to infringe on my 2nd amendment rights! I hate having to repeat myself and I hate being told I'm too skinny. Every day I wake up and make a decision to be happy. No matter what is going on, I have a ton of reasons to still be happy. I focus on that. I turn my problems and frustrations over to God. I treat my marriage with respect and I don't allow others in 'our bubble'. Life is good. Life is really good! <3

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