Arkey Alfarisy Dua

Just look sorrounds u. Find out what u're looking for. Plz wake up, we're not in Neverland. Definitely, we're in a wild dirty world. Full of madness, lies, regret, suffer, sadness and empty hope. And hey...where is the love, sympathize, cares n peace? Just believe me, there's always a place for love. This is no bullshit. Love make this world keep in balance n make this life go round regularly. Life is an competition where all of us taking a part in every single game. Only a good player can win the game. We need struggle, great brave taking a risk and sometimes a sacrifice. God create us with so many surplus when sometimes we didn't realized it. Now it's u'r turn to use what u've got. Believe in u'rself n show the world that we can make it. Reach u'r dream n make it come true. So, what's u'r dream? Have a nice life?<br /> Get some peace? Whatever! U know what? Love can make it happen. Love give us strength, spirit n real hopes to face every single problem. Trust me! One more thing, don't ever give up to reach everything u wanted. Keep trying as long as still a chance. Remember, where there's a will there's a way. Nobody's perfect. I really believe it. But all of us never felt satisfied with everything we had. Everybody trying to find the best one. What can I say? Let me try to describe myself. I just ordinary person who love a simple life. Basically I'm a good boy, but had so many weakness. I'm open minded, easy going, down to earth, sensitive n a lil bit temperamental. Sometimes i can really be patient, another time got bad bad ego. I'm childish but a good listener. A lil bit moviefreak n partygoer, humouris n crazy bout music. My favourite color is white n black. It's a great color, united with any color. Don't judge book by it's cover, to risk. Judge me for the way I am. Coz, I am not a perfect person (remember that lyric???). That's me, really really me! But do not doubt to add me : n fulfill the testi! Let get some fun here..ENJOY!

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