Debra Costas

FAREWELL is not the end... D I O D E K I D* Don’t want to leave but I can’t stay now it’s time to walk away I can’t help the way I feel this has to stop so I can heal I won’t wait another day to hear the words you’ll never say I know it hurts, but in time the pain will end and I’ll be fine I refuse to play your game I see now you don’t feel the same that you don’t feel the way I do and that you’re never going to I’ve finally had to close the door so you can’t hurt me anymore the worst thing is you’ll never know how hard it was to let you go I smile and act like nothing’s wrong and tell myself I must be strong knowing your heart wasn’t broken by the loving words unspoken you barely know that I exist and I deserve better than this I know this is the only way don’t want to leave but I can’t stay… *aprilhopes

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aprilhopesabout 5 years