Antone Johnson

The "Lean Startup Lawyer." Seventeen years as attorney, advisor, executive and fierce advocate for consumer Internet, social media, digital media, mobile apps and similar businesses up and down the great state of California. Served as VP & global head of Legal at eHarmony for three years. O.G. MySpace legal executive. Now disrupting the bloated, overpriced, inefficient world of business and technology law, one scrappy startup at a time. Prolific speaker and writer on issues related to the social Web, user-generated content and location-based services. Tech business journalist's best friend. Blogger at Gust and Mashtag; contributor to WSJ, TechCrunch, Forbes, RWW and more. Featured advisor at Founders' Space. Recommended by Venture Hacks as a "social startup lawyer." Lawyer-in-residence at pariSoma in San Francisco and CoWorks in Santa Monica. Mentor and advocate for a new generation of tech entrepreneurs, giving guided tours of the legal and business landscape of greater Tech-VC-Startupsville before my clients reshape it. Married to the lovely and talented Rima Johnson. Fingers glued to a keyboard (musical) if not a keyboard (computer), smartphone or tablet.

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