Mujeeb Urrahman Zakki

hello, I'm from Afghanistan, I am a student and I want to be an engineer, and till I come up with this website, so I decided to find friends who are engineers, and I hope I will find much, and I will get information from them about Engineering, so if you watched my profile then please contact me and message me and I am 19 and I am high school graduate and looking for a good engineering university. my Facebook account: Mujeeb Urrahman Zakki. my Skype: Mujeebzakki my interpals id: MR_ZAKKI my tweeter id: Mr Zakki my viber, whatsapp,: 00923429083650, so if you are an engineer please contact me or just text me...

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Zakki123about 4 years
Zakki123about 4 years
Zakki123about 4 years