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Osaka , JapanGet Frontback to see my photos
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ODAKatiesalmost 3 years at 造幣局 桜の通り抜け in Osaka
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ODAKatiesalmost 3 years at THE CITY BAKERY BRASSERIE RUBIN in Osaka
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ODAKatiesabout 3 years at SURAJ 長居店 in Osaka
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ODAKatiesabout 3 years at ハリー・ポッター・アンド・ザ・フォービドゥン・ジャーニー4K3D (Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey 4K3D) in Osaka
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ODAKatiesabout 3 years at ウィザーディング・ワールド・オブ・ハリー・ポッター/The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka
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ODAKatiesabout 3 years