Diego Jasso

Late in the 90s wrapped by a series of sounds and musical genres. Attracted my attention a different sound a never heard sound . The violator of Depeche Mode that at this point make up the basic structure of what it means today to me music. Not only the sound and everything we hear superficially in music . Also what makes you going deeper everytime in your entire being and makes you know what are you really and what your heart really hides. Dj´s and years have passed so far and in that long way to hear and try I have taken the heart , the essence of what it is music in me . What changed my perception and what takes me to hear beyond what the ear can listen to listen not only with ear but also with the heart and to let every sound wave destroy our prearranged concepts. In the beginning early in the 00s next to a friend by our will and hand tried and found what really is the music to us. After a few years seeking for new music styles and techniques involved in a stream of feelings came into my life what now i know is the true reason in my life to do music , the everlasting the one who derange my entire being the one who take my life into unexpectable places the one who makes me hear unhearable sounds the one who drives my life. Somebody that gave his life for me to pay for all my mistakes and to give me all i ever dreamed. The way The truth And the real life. Trying to make a project the most natural as possible arose DECIBEL RESPONSE with the need of making music something beyond the audible. Progressive House , Progressive and minimal tech are my ways to make heart and mind hear loud and clear. Music is not only sound Sound is not only heard DRVN Decibel Response

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