Frontback Summer Contest 2017 Rules

General Information

Frontback – Social Apps BVBA whose headquarters is located at Mechelsesteenweg 455, 1950 Kraainem, Belgium, is organizing a free contest called "FRONTBACK SUMMER CONTEST 2017" from July 13th 2017 until and including September 25th 2017, CET Timezone.

Participants are invited to make a Frontback of their best "Summer Moments"* using the Frontback mobile app to have the chance to win 500 USD (or EUR) in cash prize offered by Frontback! 1 winner will be randomly picked each week, on Monday, for 10 consecutive weeks.

Participation Requirements and Rules

This contest is open to every Frontback user. Employees of Social Apps BVBA or related companies are not eligible!

If you are not a Frontback user yet, just download the app here: and create your Frontback account to access the contest.

Users willing to participate have to post their Frontback following these simple requirements:

  1. The Frontback needs to be posted in public feed of the app.
  2. The frontback needs to be related to “summer themes and activities” (e.g. beach time, sunny weather, blue sky, travel/holidays pictures, party time pictures, hiking, biking, boat trip, etc.) *.
  3. The Frontback must have the hashtag #frontbacksummer17 somewhere in the caption.
  4. The Frontback must be a classic Frontback with two images. Try to be creative, the more likes you get, the more chance you have to win (rules here after)!
  5. The Frontback must be shared at least one time on Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag #frontbacksummer17

The more likes you get, the higher your chances are to win, so get your network to participate! Share on multiple social networks and tell people to like your Frontback inside the Frontback App to help you win.

Help your friends to win by liking their #frontbacksummer17 Frontbacks in return.

It is worth it for everybody, because everyone who likes a #frontbacksummer17 Frontback also has the chance to win a smaller prize!

Nominations and Prizes

During 10 consecutive weeks, 1 winner will be randomly picked each week, on Mondays, among all the users who created Frontbacks during the previous week.

The first draw will be made on Monday July 24th, and the last draw will be made on Monday September 25th.

To claim the prize cash, every winner who’s been picked must have followed the contest rules: summer related picture*, hashtag #frontbacksummer17, classic Frontback, shared on Facebook and/or Twitter.

To get a chance to be picked, the Frontbacks submitted in the frame of the contest must get at least 1 like during the week preceding the day of draw which is on Monday.

For example, if you submit a Frontback in the first week of the contest, your pictures must get at least one like before the following Monday to be eligible. Once the first draw has been made, your Frontback won’t be eligible for the following draws. You’ll need to submit a new Frontback and get at least 1 like before the following draw to become eligible again.

Just remember that draws will be made on Mondays and that Frontback will need to be submitted during the preceding week of the draw and get at least 1 like to be eligible.

Each like counts as a ticket for the weekly drawing of winners, so the more likes you’ll get and the more qualifying Frontbacks you make, the more chance you’ll have to win.

The weekly winner will receive a USD 500 Visa gift card. On top of that, a USD 100 Visa gift card will be offered to a randomly picked user among users who liked the winning Frontback of the week. Even if you didn't post a Frontback, you still have a chance to win by liking #frontbacksummer17 Frontbacks.

By entering the contest you accept Frontback's terms of services which can be accessed here:

Frontback acknowledges that the contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter.

* Frontback reserves the right to review the winning pictures to ensure that it reflects the “summer theme” requirements. If not, another picture matching the requirements will be picked.